About Us
My Story:​
I started my business at age 15 when i decided i would like mow more than just a couple of the neighbors yards. At the time I figured this would be a good way to save for a car and to make a little spending money during the summer. What i didnt know is that i would eventually form this small startup into a career for myself. I eventually graduated from high school and decided to further by education in business at concordia college moorehead MN. Every summer i would come home to Miltona and continue to grow my lawn care business. after four years at concordia i graduated spring of 2013 with a business management degree. I wasnt sure where i wanted to work or what exactly i wanted to do with my degree. I decided to continue with the lawn care business and see where it takes me. Currently, I am loving my decision to continue and keep growing the busines every year.

Vision Statement
Alton Lawns wants to be recognized as a company who does quality work. We want our employees to be proud they work for Alton Lawns. By building relationships with each customer we can count on giving them exactly what they want and what fits their style.

Mission Statement
Alton Lawns Mission is to provide outstanding customer service, professional quality work, and unparalleled satisfaction.

Statement of Purpose
Alton Lawns’ purpose is to serve the central Minnesota area as one of the leading lawn/landscaping companies while having the small business friendly experience for each and every customer.

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